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EO2023-Time schedule (All 4 days)-Final

Official schedules:

EO Official Schedule Thursday

EO Official Schedule Thursday Opening Ceremony

EO Official Schedule Friday

EO Official Schedule Saturday

EO Official Schedule Sunday

EO General officials (all days)

Running orders for teams and individual can be found on;

Detailed results for Team Finals qualification

EO2023-Team results-Large-Combined 

EO2023-Team results-Intermediate-Combined 

EO2023-Team results-Medium-Combined 

EO2023-Team results-Small-Combined




Stefanie Semkat

FCI Judge, Germany

Kine Eimhjellen

FCI Judge, Norway

Esa Muotka

FCI Judge, Finland

Regin Reinhard

FCI Judge, Denmark

Morten Juhl Hansen

FCI Judge, Denmark